8CCC is in the final stage of a radio project called Many Voices One Place.  Regular listeners on air or online will have heard a number of short pieces by people they may know or may not yet know in Tennant Creek and Alice Springs.  These stories are of people who live here, maybe having been born in a different country, born in a different state, born in another part of the NT, or who were born here, moved away for a while and then came back.

We’d like to hear YOUR story.  Drop in to the Saturday Morning 8CCC Cafe at the 8CCC studios in Lindsay Avenue, Eastside between 10am and 1pm this Saturday 2 November, enjoy a cappuccino or espresso made by the 8CCC Barrista, and record your story with Joy in our new production and training studio, which has been completed through contributions from the Community Benefit Fund (NT), the Community Broadcasting Foundation, the Alice Springs Town Council, local businesses and a lot of volunteer hours!

Alternatively,  please give Joy a call on 0439421777 or email [email protected].

Some locals who have taken part in Many Voices One Place and whose stories you can hear on 8CCC 102.1FM or online:  in these photos are Tom , Mulu and Yeheyis, Nicky and Dianita.




Mulu, Yeheyis and their children




Dianita and baby