“100 or Less” is the latest single from Queensland, Australia. Singer-songwriter Leah Chynoweth-Tidy (aka Kissing The Flint) presents a heartfelt alt-rock song with infectious guitar hooks and a resonating message. “100 Or Less” launches a music mission to rock the foundations of a bureaucratic lack of support for the undervalued Arts. This time it’s personal.

Currently based in her father’s native Scotland, Leah penned “100 or Less” in just a few hours on a wave of escalating frustration during the first 2020 Australian lockdown. She and her bass-player husband saw livelihoods – including their own – begin to evaporate, as the Australian music industry screeched to a halt with little support from the government. This call-to-arms song formed in a search for answers that still haven’t been given in 2021. More here.