Zines and DIY press grew from the root of punk culture.

For anyone who likes their radio provocative, political and edgy, with a fiercely underground international punk rock soundtrack, this show is for you. The punk tree hour on Friday nights (8pm-10pm) has been sounding the horn on socio-political issues for years, with different presenters stepping in and nurturing it’s growth. A resident punk activist named Ochre originally sewed the seed for the show with another human named Austin. From there, Slumberkitty, Ethyl Ephedrine and Tin Pickle stepped in to upkeep its maintenance. A true example of community radio, a presenter leaves town and their friends step in to keep the fire burning.

Ethyl Ephedrine spittin’ bare facts.

For those regular listeners, you might have noticed a few Punk Tree repeats on Fridays. Ethyl has headed to pastures new, for the pursuit of art further afield, and Slumbi has stepped out for a few weeks, but rest assured, she will return with more queer solar punk energy, charged up and burning brighter than ever before.

Ethyl and Slumberkitty at the helm.

We salute those presenters that have dedicated so much time to creating such well thought out, original and time consuming content creation, all for a voluntary Friday night segment. Serious time and love goes into each episode and it really shows. Up the punx!