pop art 2Roy Lichtenstein was a master of appropriation. Applying a systematic approach to his creative energy, the artist’s entire body of work was constructed following a sophisticated strategy of image selection, reinterpretation and reissue. Lichtenstein developed a central creative principle that became a potent formula: an ability to identify over-used cultural clichés and to repackage them as monumental remixes.

Roy Lichtenstein: Pop remix traces the artist’s print projects from the 1950s to the 1990s, exploring how the artist appropriated, transformed and remixed numerous art historical sources including Claude Monet’s Impressionism, Max Ernst’s Surrealism and de Kooning’s Abstract Expressionism. Lichtenstein reinterpreted the work of these artistic giants and significant art movements using an instantly recognisable graphic aesthetic, effectively branding himself with a signature Lichtenstein look to secure his place alongside those masters he so admired. Slick, intelligent and humorous, Lichtenstein’s remixes of romance and war comics, brushstrokes and nude girls are among the best known Pop prints.

Roy Lichtenstein: Pop remix is drawn from the extensive collection of the artist’s prints at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

Araluen Arts Centre, Alice Springs,
26 April – 10 June 2013