Butoh is a performance that is felt by the viewer, where expression through the body takes hold.

Yi and Margarita, two traveling Butoh dancers, perform with Alice Springs musicians Sy and Saar– AKA Swallet in this new video release.

Butoh is a form of dance/theatre/expression that was created in Japan after WWII. It is an art that is associated with pain, taboos and expression, however multi-interpreted across the world and through the ages. Margarita (Taiwan) and Yi (China) both studied the art of Butoh performance and have been traveling and performing their craft around the world.

Recorded live at Epilogue this collaboration was created specifically for this performance- responding or rather communicating with the performers and the surrounding space. Musically, the performance carries a more experimental and accidental quality in contrast to the other music and sounds of Swallet.

You can hear more @ Swallet’s soundcloud, where you can find their recorded music which has a Dark Wave after taste. And follow their Facebook page, for news of the release of Swallet’s debut album- in the very near future.

These clips were filmed and edited by the most talented filmmakers Leo Ortega and Stuart Liddel.

Check out more of Stuart’s film work @ https://www.industrialcuts.com/  and keep an eye out for further video releases from this series.

Swallet Live on 8CCC’s ‘Shuffling’ with host Stuart Liddel